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Windows Phone 7.1 AppData Helper Assembly

This WP7.1 AppDataHelper assembly is used to store global data within the Application's dictionary for NaviationService calls.

This is my third WP7.1 assembly used to help ease development on Windows Phone. I will be adding additional WP7.1 assemblies in the near future.

I use a default namespace string for all helper assemblies, making it easier to organize and locate assemblies within projects. Each helper assembly will be marked with the following default namespace: "BenScharbach.WP7.Helpers", with the actual namespace's specific name at the end of the default namespace; for example, 'AppDataHelper' for this assembly.

This AppDataHelper assembly is useful to store data between page xaml calls when using the NaviationService. This helper uses the Application's dictionary-store, which is globally available throughout the application's life-cycle. Using this dictionary-store eliminates the need to pass data via web string-queries or accessing the data using prior pages contain with the NavigationService's Stack.

To use the AppDataHelper, add a reference to AppHelper singleton in the App.cs class within your Windows-Phone project. Call SetApplicationInstance() to set the WindowsPhone application instance, required for the singleton to access the dictionary-store. Use SetDataNames() to set all constant key names required by your application; for example, to store a friend's name you might use the key-name of 'FirstNameKey'. Now in your application, use the Update() call with your key-name and key-value, which can be accessed between page calls. To retrieve the key-value you stored, use the Get<>() call passing in your key-name.

Ben Scharbach

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